Makeup is a big part of many women’s lives. It can help us feel more confident and beautiful. However, if your makeup is cakey, it will not look good, and it won’t be easy to apply. In this post, we will discuss tips to avoid cakey makeup. By following these tips, you will be able to wear makeup that looks great and lasts all day.

6 Tips to Avoid Cakey Makeup

  1. Set Your Makeup with a Spray

One of the best ways to avoid cakey makeup is to set your makeup with a setting spray. A setting spray will help keep your makeup in place and prevent it from settling into any fine lines or creases.

Make sure that you use a lightweight setting spray and don’t overdo it; otherwise, you’ll have a wet or sticky feeling on your face.

  1. Hydrate the Under Part of Your Eye

When you apply your concealer, make sure to hydrate the under-eye part of your eye with a hydrating serum or cream first. This will help to prevent your concealer from creasing and looking cakey.

If you have particularly dry skin, you may want to set your concealer with a setting powder.

  1. Use a Small Amount of Foundation

It’s important to use a small amount of foundation when you’re trying to avoid cakey makeup. Using too much foundation will settle into any fine lines or pores and look cakey.

Instead, focus on using a small amount of foundation and building up the coverage in areas where you need it most. Use a brush or sponge to blend the foundation into your skin for a natural-looking finish.

If you have any areas of your face that are particularly red or dark, you can use a color-correcting concealer to help even out the tone.

  1. Consider Using Face Oil

If you have dry skin, using face oil before you apply your foundation can help to prevent your makeup from looking cakey. Face oils can help hydrate the skin and create a smooth base for your foundation.

Apply a small amount of face oil to your fingertips or problem areas before applying your foundation. You can also add a few drops of face oil to your foundation to thin it out and make it easier to blend.

Just be careful not to use too much face oil, as this can cause your makeup to slide off during the day.

  1. Find a balance that works for you and stick with it!

These are just some tips on avoiding cakey makeup, but ultimately finding what works best for you is key. Experiment with different products and techniques until you find a routine that gives you the desired results.

  1. Utilize Setting Powder if Your Skin is Oily

If you have oily skin, using setting powder can help to prevent your makeup from looking cakey. Setting powder will help to absorb any excess oil and keep your makeup in place.

Apply setting powder with a brush or sponge, focusing on the areas of your face that tend to get oily. You can also use setting powder all over your face if you want a matte finish.

Just be sure to choose a setting powder appropriate for your skin type, as some can be drying.


Avoid cakey makeup by following the tips above. With a little bit of effort, you can have flawless skin that looks natural and beautiful. Additionally, don’t forget to take care of your skin by cleansing and moisturizing regularly.